The Registration Process


Once an application for registration is received by NSOA, The Registrar will either:

  1. Email to schedule a time for the applicants phone interview.
  2. Request more information needed to complete the application.

The registration application process can take as little as five to seven business days once an applicant has submitted all supporting documentation. However, missing documentation can further lengthen the process. 

Phone Interview with the Membership Registrar

An application for registration will be referred to the Membership Registrar. If there are concerns as to whether the applicant has satisfied the requirements for registration or if there may be a reason to impose terms, conditions or limitations on the certificate of registration the Registrar will bring this to attention in the phone interview. Examples of applicants who require more investigation are:

  1. First-time applicants where there is a question that they have satisfied the requirements for registration;
  2. Experienced applicants from other jurisdictions who may not have satisfied all of the requirements for registration;
  3. Applicants who have been in the Inactive or Retired class, or who have had their license revoked or resigned, who wish to re-enter the General class of registration;
  4. Applicants with previous offences, discipline decisions or other findings that are relevant to their suitability to practice manual osteopathy.

The Registrar will typically review an application referral and may require the applicant to submit additional documentation or be interviewed before rendering a decision.

In rendering a decision, the Registrar may:

  1. Register the applicant
  2. Register the applicant with terms, conditions or limitations
  3. Exempt the applicant from certain exemptible requirements of the registration requirements if the applicant demonstrates that he/she is competent to practice manual osteopathy in Nova Scotia
  4. direct the applicant to submit additional information or fulfill additional requirements

Additional information that is typically requested may include:

  1. A completed professional portfolio
  2. A letter of good standing from jurisdictions in which the applicant has practiced manual osteopathy
  3. A transcript or other proof of graduation from an accredited manual osteopathy program
  4. A copy of any past discipline, professional negligence, malpractice or criminal decisions involving the applicant

The Registrar may require the applicant to complete requirements for registration if not already completed, which may include:

  1. Successfully completing NSOA’s Insurance Fraud Prevention course
  2. Undergoing a peer assessment within a period of time
  3. Otherwise satisfying the Registration Committee that the applicant is competent to practice manual osteopathy in Nova Scotia