Prospective Members

The registration requirements are the same for all applicants – whether trained & educated domestically in Canada or internationally.

Prospective members must complete the following before becoming registered with NSOA:

  1. Graduate from an accredited WHO compliant osteopathic school (this requirement is non- exemptible);
  2. Provide evidence of good character;
  3. Be able to speak and write English or French with reasonable fluency;
  4. Obtain a certificate in level C first aid and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR);
  5. Maintain professional liability protection.

Applicants form Other Canadian Jurisdictions

If you are a manual osteopath registered in another Canadian province, you may be eligible to apply for registration through the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), if you provide NSOA with a letter of good standing from the Association you are a member of. AIT allows for the movement of manual osteopaths and other professionals across Canadian jurisdictions without facing undue barriers to registration.

If you are currently registered under a class or category of registration that is similar to a class or category in Nova Scotia and provide NSOA with a letter of good standing, you will not be required to undergo any material additional training, experience, examinations or assessments. You will still be required to successfully complete a phone interview and our Insurance Fraud Prevention Course. As well, NSOA may require an investigation into past disciplinary and legal history as well as well as other administrative requirements (fees, forms, liability protection, etc.).

If you are currently registered under a class or category of registration that is not similar to class or category of NSOA, NSOA’s existing registration regulation will apply. Please contact NSOA for more information regarding AIT.

Click here for Membership Application form.